Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gifts from Home

I received a package to day from my girlfriend Cheryl. I have been expecting it for a month now. It's funny how the little things in life are so important and sweet when you are without the creature comforts and security of home.

There were various things in the package. Surfer magazine with an elder form my church on the cover, some Hurley stuff from a man I admire for his faith and family life, Noah S., some stuff from Puerto Rico where Cheryl went on a surf trip in December, some other miscellaneous items and last there were the sermons from my church on homemade cd.

I had resigned to the fact that the package was probably lost and was very happy when guys told me I had a package waiting on me when we got resupplied. I took it back to my room and tore into it. After putting on the Hurley hat, reading a card or two, eating some of the treats in there, I got to the messages on cd.

We take for granted the ability to go to church and worship with fellow Christians. I started a Bible study out here and that has kept me going in the right direction but there is nothing like your home Church. As I listened to the music at the beginning of one of the cd's my heart started to beat again in a way it hasnt in 3 months. I could feel my church. I could feel Jesus. I could feel the message my pastor was giving, I could feel the appreciation for my church, I could feel the appreciation I got a package and I could feel it all in my heart. It was as if my heart had been a stone for the last couple months and the messages reignited it. I am extremely grateful to have people who care about me by sending me their heart for lack of a better way to put it.

I spend a lot of nights staring up at the night sky. Here you can see every star, some galaxies, a shooting star every couple seconds. It really lets you see how the world is alive, God is always working even though we may not be paying attention. Part of his works is letting us know we aren't alone through the Bible studies here, to the packages received, to the messages in those packages and through the heart felt love received form others.

I have learned alot here. Most of what I have learned I cant put into words. I have spent countless hours staring up into the night sky thinking about God, praying, envisioning the future, being thankful for what I have back at home.

Thank all of you for the gifts, prayers, and love felt from home.

Don't feel bad if you didn't send anything your thoughts and fellowship are enough for me.