Saturday, December 6, 2008

Leading by Example

I have had the pleasure of meeting, worshipping, and fellowshipping with some extraordinary people in my walk with the Lord. I would like to take the oportunity to talk about a man who doesnt talk about himself very often if ever.

That mans name is Jesse H.. I received a message that he had a great honor, definately not the first one, bestowed on him by being on the cover of surfer magazine. I dont believe its his first time but the point is this....

Jesse is one of those humble, faithful, guys who leads by example. He comes to church every sunday, sings with the band, worships the Lord in a down to earth way, sets up the church and tears it down with no complaining, at least none that Ive ever heard, and is a church elder. He has been an inspiration to myself and many others.

Leading by example is key in your walk with the lord and I recommend to all of you that you use Jesse as an example of the possibilites one has when he walks with the Lord in a committed and humble way, I know I will. Im proud to have met him, proud he is a Christin brother, and look to him as an example of a STRONG Christian leader.

Way to go Jesse! Your an inspiration. It definately made my week!

Awesome Stuff!

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Anonymous said...

hey dave, just wanted to let you know your in my prayers. i check your site every day in my morning devo to see if you post anything new. i also just got access to really detailed up to date topo maps for the entire US, better to the previous ones i had. I already figured out how far it would be to Portsmith and two options we have on getting there. so when you get back we are going! take care